Chuck Replane

Chuck is a Graduate of Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service (BSFS) and Sofia University, Tokyo, Japan (MBA). He spent 18 years living and working outside of the United States in various management and executive positions, building new businesses and organizations, and fixing organizations in trouble.

The circumstances and challenges in these international environments provided Chuck with a background of problem solving, creativity, and thinking out of the box. Building new business provided him with skills in strategic planning, organization, and training. Fixing organizations required good negotiating skills, re-training, and often redirecting existing staff in order to make more efficient, dynamic, and effective organizations.

Chuck has furthered his skills and business experiences in the United States through various positions in three well known manufacturing corporations.

Helping other companies find creative ways to improve profitability, quality, time to market, and overall business growth is the passion Chuck brings to the consulting arena.

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